Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Scala Scrutinized in Israel

I've just returned from vacation, which is my excuse (besides laziness) for not posting for a while.

I've been reading the semi-official Scala manual, Programming in Scala by Odersky et al., and had it with me when we crossed the border from Jordan into Israel. Security at the border is rather thorough, as you might expect in Israel, and you have to put your possessions through an x-ray scanner, as at an airport.

We were traveling lightly, because we spent just one night on our excursion to Petra before returning to Eilat, Israel. I thought the contents of my backpack were unremarkable, but the guard at the scanner machine asked me to open my bag, and then to take out the Scala book. She took it and showed it to her supervisor, and riffled through the pages, and ran it through the scanner again before handing it back to me.

I'm not sure why the book attracted so much attention, but maybe the Israeli border guards are all Clojure fans.

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